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We can code but we try to first solve it with the code and features that already exist in the open source space. That way we can build it faster, more reliably and cheaper. We build for small and large clients, “cookie-cutter” projects and new cutting edge startups.

What technologies do we use?

  • We’re experienced with other technologies (like javascript, node.js, html5, flash video, ruby on rails, ) and do use them but we believe in Drupal’s Open Source Code and online community.
  • We are active users, supporters and contributors in various open source projects. These technologies not only make our sites better, but significantly improve our development time and effeciency.
  • So if you can’t find the module to meet your need? We can develop Drupal modules and specialized functionality.
Empowering Web Presence with Open Source Applications

You can have a low cost dynamic website by using open source web applications which add more simplicity, flexibility and low cost web administration and maintenance. When you wish to mark your web presence then an open source web solution is going to be the perfect choice for your website.

Keeping in mind the wide use of the open source web application we focus on the open source web development to provide modules, plugins and extensions of almost all types of open source software. Most advantageous aspect of open source and CMS bases websites that you can extend the functionality of the website by just adding another customizable module. We are here to turn your website more functional and better and your website would stand apart from the rest.

Some of the most important and popular open source web development platforms are Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and OsCommerce etc. We have technical expertise in managing and developing modules for the aforesaid Open Source Content Management Systems. We develop easy to use websites for non technical users so that they can also edit and update at their end. You just name the plugins and we would deliver it to you.

Features of Open Source Modules and Component Development

We have expert team of professionals at Mansoft Creations which are capable to develop any modules for your open source Content Management websites. We develop high end functional modules which work seamlessly and any non technical and inexperienced user can use it effortlessly.

The Open Source Solutions We Offer

WordPress Plugin and Extension – A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of one or more functions that adds a specific set of features or services to the website using WordPress. The plugin which can be seamlessly integrated with the website using access points and methods provided by the WordPress.

Drupal Modules – Just like WordPress you can extend and customize Drupal functionality as well. If you want to extend the existing functionality or wish add new functionality we can create a module for your Drupal website.

Magento Plugin and Extension – Enhance the workforce of your website by adding additional seamless functionality to your Magneto website. We can offer any kind of module or extension for your website.

Joomla Plugin and Extension – Joomla is most widely used CMS around the globe. There are hundreds of plugins and extensions are available to customize. Still you need an expert’s advice we at WebSells are there to help you out.

OsCommerce Plugin and Extension – OsCommerce is a complete solution that offers full fledged functionality of an online store. The application is made to ease the ecommerce over internet. It can be easily maintained and managed through its frontend and backend administration tool.

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