Effective website marketing
is the keyword for generating revenue
from online business

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Internet Marketing Packages

Internet marketing is by far the fastest growing advertising method for all companies in this day and age. The advertising company dealing with internet marketing solutions have to keep themselves updated daily to keep up with the competition and the pace set by new products being introduced. With your company being involved in internet marketing promotions you will have seen the rewards of successful internet marketing strategies and the profits gained by little work once the campaign has been finalised and launched. Internet search engine marketing can be complicated due to the many options available when dealing with online media solutions.

Effective website marketing is the keyword for generating revenue from online business. We adopt many techniques to promote your website for increasing traffic. We also know the tricks for getting more hits.

Some of the techniques we adopt in website promotion and Internet marketing are:-

Search engine submission and ranking:

Generally 70-80% of your web traffic comes from search engine referrals, so it is always advisable to optimize your website to search engine listing. When you do your internet marketing with the use of website design search engine optimization you will make massive savings on your advertising budget in the long term. Website optimization and website promotion is the premier solution to your internet marketing requirement. This is because search engine optimization marketing is a process which places your company website in the natural search engine listings. Listing in search engine should not be avoided, as investing small amount today will give many times greater return in future. Here we step by step scrutinize the following parts of website

Keywords, meta tag, html tag, description, content of website, size of page, title of page, page design, Google page rank etc

The policy of search engine for top listing constantly go on changing, we keep regular watch on these policies and ensure that our created website get maximum benefit following them. We also do directory listing on Yahoo, MSN etc.


CPC (Cost per click)

Having to pay for quality visitors to your website is an affective form of advertising on the internet and can be pretty costly. Cost per click internet advertising comes in various forms online such as advertising with sponsored links, recommended links etc. You only have to pay for your internet advertising when you receive potential buyers to your website. Internet advertising with cost per click is a lot more popular and profitable than banner advertising. The downsides advertising with "cost per click" links, is that the main listings on all search engines receive the bulk of the traffic and you pay for clicks when a customer does not actually buy from your website. The main and most important thing to note when doing cost per click internet advertising is that appearing in the natural listings means that you receive all free traffic to your website. This leaves you missing out on massive opportunities to maximise your profits thus minimising your advertising expenses online. Loads of companies use the cost per click form of advertising because they are unable to get their website high in the natural listings. Due to the competitive nature of the advertising market and the web design market it is extremely difficult to achieve top positions. This has formed a massive gap in the market and that is why search engine optimization is the most affective form of advertising online.


The good old newsletter can bring out the repeat customer on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be a huge tomb of information, but it should be interesting, low on promo spam, and high on content. If you can get people to sign up for a news letter you can build a profitable site out of any subject.


Interesting and quality Articles give the viewer a reason to come back to website. Adding a informative and isolated article to website encourages other website to put our website link on their website, in result more traffics and hits. Moreover a detailed text based article is favorite cookie of major search engines.

Reciprocal linkage

Reciprocal linkage can be a powerful tool to increase your web sites rankings. Some search engines (Hotbot, Lycos) do include linkage (also called citations) as a criteria - the more links to your site, the better. When you get an off site link, you are accomplishing two things: One you get the link and any potential referrals that it may send your way, and two, you increase your search engine rankings

Branding and banner Advertisement

Banner advertising on the internet is extremely affective for branding awareness. The banners you can use to advertise your business come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose to advertise with a static banner where you can have a picture or logo along with text on the banner that you feel attracts the end user to your products that you wish to target. You also have the option to do internet advertising with a creative banner where the banner moves and flashes to attract the end users attention. If you choose advertising on the internet using pop up banners you must be aware that the end user is tired of having banners popping up on their screens advertising products that they are not interested in. Often the end user clicks on the pop up banner by mistake giving you an illusion of immense amount of traffic being delivered and your internet advertising campaign a success. The conversion to actual buyers or receiving quality leads for your company when internet advertising using pop banners is extremely poor. When advertising online with pop ups it is better to do a "cost per lead" form of advertising or a "cost per acquisition" form of internet advertising as they are more quality leads for potential buyers for your company. You will find companies that use pop up banner advertising are mainly in the loans, insurance, property, travel, sex or gambling industries. When you advertise with banners it is important to be aware that the banners do not have a fantastic click through rate to your website. Advertising with banners expect to receive between one and fifteen percent of the traffic. Expect an average of two or three percent on average and you will not be disappointed. Banner advertising is mainly a brand awareness form of advertising and help to corner the market when you do advertising for your business. The more exposure your website gets the more the possibility you will have sales, which is the core to any business. Banner advertising is more affective when it is exclusive to you, it is the only banner on the page and if it appears on every page throughout the search. On a few search engines that have banner advertising it is also handy to ask that if you should secure a single keyword phrase, will your banner get all the variations for that keyword. Advertising with banners can be extremely costly if you only secure one keyword relating to your industry especially if you feel you need a few keywords to corner the competitive nature of your market online.

Sending emails and registering in Big Portals

Sending emails using database of own to prospective viewers and customers can make out huge traffic to website, registering in big portals which are already in top listing can provide large viewer to know about us.

User Relations

Good user relations is what separates the long term successful website from those that don't make it. It is also the most difficult. Once you get a reputation (a good one) that you support your users via email, your email will explode. It is difficult to keep up with it, but it goes so far to support your site

Internet Marketing Packages

Small Business SEO Plan Business SEO Plan Corporate SEO Plan Comprehensive Website Marketing Package
On Page Optimization
Target Keywords 10 20 35 40
Adding Rich Snippets No Yes Yes Yes
Online Blog Setup No No Yes Yes
G+ Authorship No Yes Yes Yes
Form Builder No Yes Yes Yes
Google Webmaster tool No Yes Yes Yes
Off Page Optimization
Link Building (reciprocal linking) No 20 35 50
Link Building No Yes (Actual cost) Yes (Actual cost) Yes (Actual cost)
Moz , Domain and Page Authority Evaluation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ahrefs Metrics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local Search Website Optimization
NAP Syndication No No Yes Yes
Google+ Local / Bing Local listing center optimization No No Yes Yes
Local citation Building No No Yes Yes
Inbound Content Marketing
Website Content writing (250 words per page) No 5 12 20
Blog writing No No 5 15
Guest Blog Post writing & sharing No No 5 15
Guest Blog post Social sharing No No Yes Yes
Social Media Marketing
Google+ Brand/Business Page Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google +1 Votes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Reputation Monitoring No No Yes Yes
Access To Premium Apps No No No Yes
Twitter & FB Account Setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
Youtube Channel Setup/ Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Cover Image No No Yes Yes
Twitter Background Image No No Yes Yes
Twitter Header Image Background No No Yes Yes
Content For Facebook Info & Twitter Bio No No Yes Yes
Content Posting on Twitter & Facebook No No 12 20
Facebook Welcome Page No No Yes Yes
Facebook Ads Management* No No Yes (Rs. 5000) Yes (Rs. 10,000)
Monthly Google Analytics No No Yes Yes
Monthly SEO Performance report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web 2.0 Video Marketing No No No Yes (2)
Competitor Analysis No No Yes (2) Yes (3)
Email Marketing No No Yes (15,000 email credits plus designing) Yes (50,000 email credits plus designing)
Google Adwords Management No No Actual Cost Actual Cost
Live Chat on website No 1 operator Multiple operator Multiple operator
Pricing Rs 25000 one time Rs 50,000 one time Rs 25,000 per month (minimum contract term 6 months) Rs 65,000 per month (minimum contract term 6 months)
Note: These plans can be customised as per your needs
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